Dr. Sid has authored two books, both available for purchase:

Your Self-Sabotaging Inner Bully: Standing Up To It Once and For All!

This book is for anyone who has had a pattern of sabotaging themselves in important contexts of their lives, especially in school, in the workplace, and in significant personal relationships. The metaphorical term used to characterize the source of this self-sabotaging pattern is the ” inner bully.” Think of it as reflecting a negative “force” entrenched in the subconscious, whose sole purpose is to steer you into self-sabotaging actions and thoughts. Topics addressed related to the inner bully notion include self-worth, agitation/churning, self-rebellion, betrayal, and “outer” or real bullies. A variety of self-help strategies are presented as techniques for standing up to your self-sabotaging inner bully once and for all, geared towards building up your self-worth and sense of control over your life.

Inner Blocks To Losing Weight: Why You Lose The Battle More Than The Weight!

Do you try one diet and/or exercise program after another but typically end up more frustrated than thinner? If so, then I highly recommend you read ahead, and discover what may be your inner, psychological “blocks” keeping you from getting off the “roller-coaster ride,” and being successful once and for all at losing weight. You will specifically examine whether you have one or more of the following blocks sabotaging your efforts: self-rebellion, anxieties, loyalty issues, use of weight-loss “curse words,” emotional overeating, and spite. Then, for each of the blocks that you decide apply to you, you will learn strategies for addressing and overcoming them. Finally, keep in mind this inner blocks program is not intended to replace any existing weight-loss programs. Instead, the goal is to help increase the odds of these programs producing more successful results for anyone who uses them.

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