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Offering Psychological Food For Thought, Dr. Sidney Cohen, Ph. D., is a clinical psychotherapist, author, and speaker focusing Relationship Issues, Couples Communication, Mens’ Issues, healing the Inner Bully, Self-Sabotage, Psychological Issues in Weight Loss, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Very caring and compassionate and a wealth of knowledge. Has personally done so much to get my family through the hardest and darkest times in our lives supporting us and believing in us and giving us the tools to keep going and remain strong.

Tami R. of Savannah, GA recommends Dr. Sid

Sid is a wonderful psychologist. He shows great compassion for his clients and is very knowledgeable. I also recommend his book Your Self-Sabotaging Inner Bully. I recommend this to many of my own clients.

Debbie L. of Cherry Hill, NJ recommends Dr. Sid and his books